The California Department of Fish and Game stocks this creek with Rainbow Trout from Early Spring to Late Fall, and there a native and wild Rainbow Trout 2-3 miles into the trail. This trail is 5 miles to the end which has a very nice 50-60 foot waterfall, there are a lot of people once it starts getting warm, so go early if you are planning on fishing.

Practice Catch and Release Only, pick up trash if you see it, and respect this resource so that future generations can enjoy it!!!


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  1. Aaron P.:

    I used the info in this post to go up and fish the creek. Caught a couple of Trout thanks for the info, It really has helped my find some good spots.

  2. Anonymous:

    which trail should i follow the fire rd or the trail next to the bridge?where do they stock and how?

  3. Clement:

    Is this trail closed?

  4. Ron:

    Does Arroyo Seco have a wild trout population? I went there for the first time last weekend and found very low water and no evidence of any fish. It seemed like the stream would completely dry up in the summer. I started at Gould Mesa and worked my way upstream for a mile or two. Maybe I was to far upstream? or downstream?

  5. vsudude:

    This was a fun catch and release stream but the Station Fire destroyed the trout habitat from Brown’s dam all the way down to JPL. The stream runs but it’s mostly filled with sediment and very shallow. The pools that once existed have all been destroyed. There are restoration attempts in place but don’t hold your breath.

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