By , September 29, 2008 7:22 am

The California Department of Fish and Game stocks this Creek with Rainbow Trout from Early Spring to Late Fall.

Practice Catch and Release Only, pick up trash if you see it, and respect this resource so that future generations can enjoy it!!!


  1. Da Docta says:

    How is the flow here usually? Is it like the west fork SG? I heard they stocked recently. When was the last time u were there?

  2. Bouquet is much smaller than the WF. There is also very limited parking on a busy road. It does hold small wild fish and it has been stocked in the past. Currently there is a stocking moratorium pending a “Pre-Stocking Evaluation Protocol.”

    If you do go, I advise going in the AM. And please release all fish. No telling how long it will take for the evaluation to be completed.

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