Cerritos Park Lake is located at 19800 Bloomfield Ave. in Cerritos, CA 90703. This park lake is actually made up of two pond the smaller has a short waterfall that dumps water into the larger. The California Department of Fish and Game stocks this lake with Rainbow Trout from late fall to the early spring and Channel Catfish from the late spring to the early fall. There are also Bluegill, Carp, and a few Largemouth Bass in this lake. Remember only take the fish if you are going to eat them, otherwise please practice catch and release and don’t litter!!!


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  1. Clement:

    Has anyone here ever fished Cerritos heritage park lake?

  2. Sean Fenner:

    I don’t think you can fish at Heritage Park!

  3. Curt:

    you can’t fish Heritage… and it’s full of duck poo.

  4. choua:

    yeah its a good and difficult lake to see where you are at and produce some 3 and up

  5. Sean Fenner:

    True. The biggest I caught there was about 4-5 pounds. But, I have seen conventiional guys catch bass pushing 9-10 pounds!!! I had one on and fought him for about 30 minutes was maybe 6 pounds and came off as I was netting him. Still upset about it.

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