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Craig Regional Park can be reached by taking the 57 Freeway exit West on Imperial then left at State College Blvd. Address 3300 North State College Blvd. This park lake has a healthy population of Carp, Bass, and Panfish. This lake is really if at all stalked by the DFG which really cuts down on the fishing pressure. Remeber only take the fish if you are going to eat them, otherwise please practice catch and release and don’t litter!!!


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  1. Pete Block says:

    fished here 6/23/11 in the evening. Lake is full of small green sunfish – I think they are stunted. They were taking a small prince nymph. Good place to learn to “feel the bite” & “set the hook” but no size to the fish 4″-5″.

  2. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    I’ve caught a few big ones there. Check out our Post“>Green Sunfish Take Over

  3. Pete Block says:

    Fished here 1/22/12 in the late afternoon, water was dirty from the rain, I was fishing a pheasant tail nymph really slow on the bottom and caught a real nice 4 lb. Channel Catfish using my 5 weight with a 3lb. tippet. What a fight, so much fun !!! Huge carp were jumping, but I couldn’t get one to take a fly.

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