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Located at 7550 Spring Street. Long Beach, CA 90808. This park has 4 lakes to choose from. $5 per car entry fee during the week and $7 on the weekends. DFG Stocks Rainbow Trout from the late fall to early spring, and Channel Catfish during the summer in the 2 bigger lakes. Very good Bass and Panfish action here in the spring and summer. Carp Can be caught here all round year. Can be very crowded on the weekends. For Largemouth Bass and Panfish try to fish near the brush cover or along the reeds the should produce a good number of fish. Remember only take the fish if you are going to eat them, otherwise please practice catch and release and don’t litter!!!



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  1. Greg says:

    El Dorado was my favorite place to fly fish when I was a teenager 25-30 yrs ago. It had huge populations of bass and sunfish and you could catch 100-200 fish in a day (catch and release of course). In recent years it would seem that the park management is more in favor of waterfowl than fish since the lakes are mostly off-color from bird droppings and the fish populations seem to be miniscule compared to what they had been. This probably has more to do with fewer funds available for the park managers and a waterfowl population explosion due to lack of predators. I know it isn’t kosher to suggest this, but it would be nice to see somebody thin out the bird population to improve the fishery.

  2. Pete Block says:

    fished here 6/4/11, a few nice bluegill on the fly in horseshoe lake fishing a bead head zebra midge.

  3. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    Red Ears are spawning all over the place on the back lakes right now. A guy showed me a pic of one he caught with a Sinko, must have been pushing almost 2 pounds!!!

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