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The Department of Fish and Game used to stock the Creek from Late Fall to Eary Spring, but because of a dispute stocking is not set to resume until 2010. There are a good population of Wild Rainbow Trout in this Creek.

Practice Catch and Release Only, pick up trash if you see it, and respect this resource so that future can enjoy it!!!


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  1. Mike says:

    Wow! What an informative blog! I have fished Piru Creek many times for “piru specials.” It is a location mentioned in my book, “Random Acts of Fishing.” Your blog provides a ton of info on places I never knew existed right here in my own backyard. Thanks!


  2. Matthew says:

    Recently make a trip up to piru creek the water was flowing more than it has been , so the water was a little murky .I didn’t have any luck in my normal spot, so I started movivg my way down the creek ,and threw my line into a nice deep pool with a waterfall flowing into it and got a 12″ rainbow on the second cast. This was my biggest fish I’ve caught in the wild trout area.

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