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 The San Gabriel River at Whittier Narrows is located at the intersection of the 605 & 60 Freeways. At this spot the San Gabriel River is a River Bed Reservoir. My Favorite spot along the Narrows to fish is under the Peck Road Overpass. There are Carp, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Red Ear Sun Fish, Tiliapia, and the occasional Largemouth Bass. Again this is close to home and under utilized for Fly Fishing. Please don’t Eat any of the fish. Practice CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY, and don’t litter!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thats amazing! Ill deffiniltey have to try that out, any tips for a successful trip?

  2. Rob says:

    You ever fish the San Gabriel River north of the 210?

  3. clement says:

    just fished here a few hours ago, havent quite mastered fly fishing yet but tried my luck with some meal worms. I caught 2 small bluegill and a sunfish, i kept seeing bigger fish jump in the distance but didnt have much luck. Its a nice spot! surprisingly tranquil for being right under the peck rd overpass! any spots i should check out other than that?

  4. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    (Rob)Yeah Check out West Fork and East Fork under our locations section!

  5. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    (clement)Those fish you see jumping are Carp. There a a ton of spots to fish up in that area check out our locations section and see if anything catches your eye.

  6. Rob says:

    “(Rob)Yeah Check out West Fork and East Fork under our locations section!”

    I mean immediately north of the 210…I’ve fished the West Fork all the way to Cogswell and the East fork all the way to Fish Falls Camp…right next to Encanto Park in Duarte there are some nice pools with ample vegetation and weeds..

  7. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    (Rob) Nope haven’t had a chance to fish on the SGR up by Duarte yet. What do you catch up there?

  8. Rob says:

    I haven’t fished there but I might try this weekend. I took a walk and the water definitely looked “fishy.”

  9. Chuck says:

    Where is a good place to park at the Peck Rd site?

  10. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    The entrance is on Peck Road and you can also park on the street right there.

  11. enoc says:

    hey where did you catch an oscar here or in florida

  12. Clement says:

    So i explored the riverbed a few miles south of whittier narrows and found a spot teeming with fish, i have no idea what kind. Its located of of the 605 and rosecrans, make a right once off the freeway onto rosecrans and park at the Carrows restaurant on the left. If your walking up to the rosecrans bridge going towards the riverbed u can see an area where runoff from a different source is enetering perpendicular to the san gabriel and it forms a pool, literally hundreds of fish here, some pretty decent sized ones are hidden deeper in the source of the runoff. let me know if you ever check it out, really curious to know what they are! I didnt have my gear on me so couldnt do much fishing

  13. Jay says:

    Went there this morning to check it out. It’s an equestrian area, hardly anyone there. The place is run by the county park and rec, and unfortunately if you read the sign it says fishing is “prohibited”. Tell me I’m wrong because I saw a lot of good spots to fish.

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