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The Santa Ana River is the Largest River in Southern California. It’s so massive that it reaches into 4 counties, Starting from the  San Gorgonio & San Bernardino Mountains and flowing all the way down into the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Ana River has many access points throughout the San Bernardino National Forest and flows to many tributary Creeks and Streams throughout it’s decent to lower elevation. The higher elevations of the stream offer great wild Brown Trout Fishing and the DFG stocks the stream with wild Rainbow Trout near the entrance from highway 38. This is a shallow fast flowing stream with plenty of bugs to go around for the trout that inhabit it. I have even heard rumors of the upper stretches holding a few Brook Trout, though I have yet to see one for myself.

You will need a Forest Adventure Pass to park in the National Forest sections.

Practice Catch and Release Only, pick up trash if you see it, and respect this resource so that future generations can enjoy it!

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  1. I think sometimes people confuse young Brown trout in that area with Brook trou.

  2. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    That’s been my thought as well, but some of the guys that have told me seem to know how to identify Trout. I guess i’ll just have to wait to see if anyone can ever show me proof.

  3. Wilderbeast says:

    No Brookies in the San Bernardinos. Good friends with the SBNF biologist. Browns and Rainbows. Closest Brookies are in the Eastern Sierra.

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