The California Lizardfish (Synodus lucioceps), can be identified by it’s elongated cylindrical body and mouth which is Lizard like in appearance (hence it’s name). The fish is a uniform brown on the back and has a white or tan shading on the it’s sides. The fish spends it’s time suspended on the bottom waiting for bait fish to swim by and springs into action. The Lizardfish is believed to spawn in the summer months, and is commonly caught on patches of sandy bottom.

Time of year: Year-round (most active from early summer to late fall)

Flies:Any bait fish imitation

Rod and Reel:A Rod with a good backbone, I recommend at least a 6 weight. Lizardfish are commonly caught while fishing for other bottom feeding fish which need a heavier rod and sinking line.

Locations: Mexico to San Francisco (not common above Point Conception, California)

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