The Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) is one of the most widespread fish in the world. The Common Carp is very closely related to the Goldfish, and will sometimes interbreed with Goldfish if introduced into the same water source. The Common Carp is native to Asia and Eastern Europe, and are considered by many to be an invasive species, due to the fact that these fish can live in almost any condition of water, can live to be over 50 years old, and when spawning can lay over 300,000 eggs in one spawn. Carp are omnivorous bottom feeeders, but can also be seen eating from the surface of the water.

Time of year: Year-round (most Active from late spring to early fall

Flies: Carp are caught on a wide variety of flies. Most common are Weighted Nymphs, Egg Flies, Vegitation Imitations, and Leech Imitations

Rod and Reel: A Rod with a good backbone and a reel with a great drag system. I would recommend at least a 5-8 weight and alot of fly line and backing if your fishing water where the carp can make a run.

Locations: LA River, Whittier Narrows, Santa Ana River,  Many Park Lakes 

 Common Carp

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