The Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) was one of the earliest fish know to be domesticated, and is still one of the most commonly kept as an aquarium fish. The Goldfish is a domesticated version of a Carp that is native to East Asia. Goldfish will generally live 6-8 years in the Wild, but has been know to live up to 40 years. The wild version of the Goldfish is generally said to be the Prussian Carp, however some think it is the closely realted Crucian Carp. If introduced in the wild the Goldfish will generally revert to it’s natural olive color. Goldfish are opertunistic feeders and will each just about anything that they come across in the right conditions.

Time of year: Year-round (most Active from Late Spring to Early Fall)

Flies: Goldfish are caught on a wide variety of flies. Most common are Weighted Nymphs, Egg Flies, Vegitation Imitations, and Leech Imitations, Bread Imitations, ETC.

Rod and Reel: Goldfish tend to be small to average sized fish and a 5 weight Rod with a floating or sinking line should do fine

Locations: La River, Whittier Narrows, Introduced into many Southern Calfornia waters

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