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The Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) is the largest of the black bass family, and live to an average of about 16 years. Adult Largemouth Bass are usually the apex predator of their habitat feeding on smaller fish such as Trout, Sunfish, and Shad. Largmouth can be identified from Smallmouth Bass by their Upper Jaw extending beyond the eye socket allowing the mouth to open wider, hence their name.

Time of year: Early Spring through Late Fall

Flies: Streamers, Bait fish imitations, Worm Imitations, Poppers, Frogs, Crayfish Imitations

Rod and Reel: 5-8 Weight Rod and Reel (7-9 Foot Rod with stiff action, and WF or DT Floating line)

Locations: Many Park Lakes

Largemouth Bass

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