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The Nile Tilapia  Oreochromis niloticus is a fish that is said to be native to East Africa, but today can be found all over the world. Most Tilapia are introduced to waters for agricultural purposes, beacause they are omnivorous eating plant life, insects, and other small fish. Tilapia fight hard for their size, and can be very beautiful fish.

Time of year: Early Spring through Late Fall

Flies: Dropper fly system, Will take almost any kind of fly

Rod and Reel: 3-5 Weight Rod and Reel (7-9 Foot Rod with good action, and WF Floating line)

Locations: Whittier Narrows, Many Park Lakes

3 Responses to “NILE TILAPIA”

  1. Pete Block says:

    right underneath the 405 fwy at the mouth of the San Gabriel river is loaded with these. Ride your bike down the bike path that goes along side the riverbed to get there. Some tough casting – but a lot of fish.

  2. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    It’s funny because some days those Tilipia at the SGR Riverbed will be all over flies, and other days you can’t get them to touch anything. It can be so frustrating, but so rewarding when you finally find what they are after.

  3. Joe says:

    Every time I ride my bike to the mouth of the SGR I bring my pole. At high-tide there are hundreds of small fish (perhaps arroyo chub?) and once I saw a guy (sadly, purposely) snag a huge carp!

    Recently went there and saw the small fish and try fly fishing but nothing happened.

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