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Redear Sunfish (Lepomis microlophus) are from the Sunfish Family. This fish is native to the South Eastern part of the US, but have been introduced all over North America. Redear Sunfish resemble Bluegill, except for their coloration, and they tend to be larger. They can be identified by the Red or Orange slit on the extension of the gill plate. They are notorious as bottom feeders for snails and other shelled creatures hence the nickname “Shellcracker”.. However they will also eat just about anything that Bluegill eat, and can many times be found in the same water.

Time of year: Late Spring through Late Fall

Flies: Dropper fly system, Small Streamers, Snails and small Crayfish imitations

Rod and Reel: 3-5 Weight Rod and Reel (7-9 Foot Rod with good action, and WF Floating line or sinking tip)

Locations: Many Southern California Park Lakes, Piru Lake, Castaic Lake, Irvine Lake, Big Bear Lake

 Red Ear Sunfish

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  1. Edgar Deroberts says:

    I live in South Texas and we have a bunch of these in our local puddles. thanks for the great info, because of your site I have started fly fishing.

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