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The Spotted Bass (Micropterus punctulatus) is a species of Black Bass that looks very similar to the Largemouth Bass. A common way to distinguish the Spotted from the Largemouth is the more broken coloration of the lateral line, and the Spotted Bass has a mouth that more resembles a Smallmouth Bass. The Spotted Bass is native to the Mississippi River Basin, but has been introduced into a few Southern California Waters. Their Diet  is very similar to the Largemouth Bass.

Time of year: Early Spring through Late Fall

Flies: Streamers, Bait fish imitations, Worm Imitations, Poppers, Frogs, Crayfish Imitations

Rod and Reel: 5-8 Weight Rod and Reel (7-9 Foot Rod with stiff action, and WF or DT Floating line)

Locations: A few Southern California Lakes and Park Lakes

Spotted Bass

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