By , September 30, 2008 1:39 am

The Walleye Surfperch (Hyperprosopona argenteum) is one of the most commonly caught saltwater fish while surffishing in Southern California. This fish is often caught in schools of 50-100 fish, and they are small fish usually no bigger than 6-10 inches. Their main diet consits of crustations, but they will take just about any fly that can fit in their mouths.

Time of year: Year-round (most active from early summer to late fall)

Flies: Almost any fly that weill fit in their mouths

Rod and Reel: A Rod with a good backbone, I recommend at least a 6 weight. Walleye Surfperch  are commonly caught while fishing for other larger fish which need a heavier rod.

Locations: Any Surf, Bay, Jetty, Pier, Etc location in Southern California

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