By , October 18, 2008 4:21 am

A Mile Square Park Bass After Work today I decided to go over to Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley down the street from my house. The Park has two fishing lakes and the fish tend to bite a couple hours after sunrise and a couple hours before sunset. So I grabbed my 5 weight fly rod w/ 4 pound test leader and headed over to the smaller lake which seems to hold more fish. I tied on a black leech imitating size 8 cone head woolly bugger and walked around casting along the edges only a few feet out. Remember only take the fish if you are going to eat them, otherwise please practice catch and release and don’t litter!!! I caught a couple of small 1-2 pound bass and a 3 pound channel catfish. I’ve caught many different kinds of fish at this lake; bass, catfish(summer), trout(winter), carp, blue gill, crappie, what I think was a kind of goldfish, and one mean red ear slider turtle. So if your ever in the Fountain Valley area swing by and check it out, its on the intersection of Euclid and Warner.

It's a Cat on the Fly!And a Bass


  1. Fishing Dude says:

    Everytime I go by mile square I alwayz talk 2 someone there, and people are alwayz catchin somethin.

  2. suruh says:

    that catfish is SOOOO ugly! :)

  3. Sean says:

    Fishing Dude. Hope to see you at Mile Square some time thanks for the comments!!!

  4. Completely agree with your comments on this , thanks for taking the time to post.

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