I started my Whittier Narrows fly fishing experience by exiting the 605 freeway north at peck road. It was sunny and I was ready to catch some fish. Not knowing what I was going to be catching I grabbed my 4-5 weight fly rod and w/floating line and a 3 pound leader. I decided to tie on a size 16 parachute adams w/ a dropper size 18 prince nymph (I used about 6-8 inches for the dropper leader). Before I knew it I pulled out a couple of small Green Sun Fish and a couple of juvenal Blue Gills. After amusing myself with these small fish for about an hour, I started to realize that I was seeing bigger fish out a few more feet, so I tied on a size 12 bead head olive woolly bugger and got the surprise of my life. I must have pulled out about 20 Tilapia in the next hour all on the same fly. After having my fair share of Tilapia and the weather started heating up, I decided to pack up my stuff and headed home. You can fly fish almost anywhere in Southern California, so grab you gear and get to you local lake, stream, river, or whatever and start catching some fish.

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  1. suruh:

    cool pic collage

  2. joe:

    hey im interested in fishing the river!!whats the easiest way of fishing that area?how do i get in there?

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