I have heard stories from a couple of fly fishermen about catching Carp in the LA River. Well, I had a chance this Sunday to check it out for myself. My friend Dan and I got out of church on Sunday and hopped on the 5 freeway up to Hyperion Bridge and parked on a small side street to start our LA River experience. Dan had grown up in this area and used to play in the LA River as a kid and was super excited to try and fly fish it for the first time. We greeted two fly Fishermen on the way in and they had both caught about 5 or 6 Carp a piece. I got out my 5-6 weight rod and reel w/ 5 weight floating line and 6 pound leader, and tied on a chartreuse glow bug imitation. I fished one of the holes for about 5 minutes with no luck, then bam the hit of the century and my fly was gone. So I tied another fly (same glow bug) on and went for it again same fish another hit and another lost fly. I didn’t know whether to be excited or upset, but I shook it off and tied on a similar glow bug imitation and no less than a minute later I had my first Carp on the line. I ended up landing the fish it was about 2-3 pounds not a monster but fun, and I caught another that was about 3-4 pounds. So the moral of the story, GO FISH THE LA RIVER. I had a blast and it just proves that you can fish anywhere the fish are. Please remember to be respectful of the resource when out fishing pick up your trash and line, and make Southern California a nicer place to fish.

My First LA River Carp

Gettin' Bigger

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  1. Dorinda Navar:

    I’ve been checking your blog for a while now, seems like everyday I learn something new :-) Thanks

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