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What A River!

Okay I’m officially a fan of the LA River. I was up in the LA area and had about two hours this morning to revisit the LA River. I used the same 5/6 weight rod and reel, and about a 5-6 foot 6 pound test leader. I started in the pool right below Hyperion Bridge and with the fist 30 minutes I had 4 carp from 2-5 pounds. Once I got tired of the hole I started moving south down the river and passed a couple of bait fisherman using tortillas, and according to them they had each caught about 5 fish a piece. I caught 2 more scattered fish, and saw a couple of fish swimming around that must have been pushing 10 pounds. All 6 carp that I caught were caught on either a glow bug or glow bug egg imitation. Again I urge you if you have not tried fly fishing the LA River try it out. Carp are the Bone fish of fresh water they are strong, hard fighting to the end, and If you get a 10 pound plus fish it could end up spooling you. I’ve never hooked a trout in Southern California that could boast that.

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  1. Fishing Dude says:

    Dude thats so awsome that you can fish there. I got 2 go check it out.

  2. suruh says:

    These were some really great pictures you took!

  3. Sean says:

    Fishing Dude. You really should try it out. The spot that is shown here under the Hyperion Bridge produced fish for me both times. I was talking to a guy who fishes that spot regularly, and he said early spring to early fall is best.

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