If you like fly fishing for bass and pan fish on lakes or ponds this jig assortment is for you. Bass pro shop is selling a White River Fly Shop Pro Lite Jig Assortment for $9.99. Its a great set at a cheap price, and it comes with 48 jigs in natural and bright colors. If you have never used a jig fly fishing is almost just like using a spinning rod, and in the right condition these mini jigs can catch a load of fish. Here is the site to check it out Bass Pro Shop.

White River Fly Shop ProLite Jig Assortment

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  1. Fishing Dude:

    Ive got thez Jigs the work greattt

  2. suruh:

    Do they really look like flies in the water? They dont look like any flies I’ve seen but maybe the fish know better than I do.

  3. Claud Smale:

    great little jig set. Good for Sunfish and the Crappie especially seem to love it.

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