By , January 18, 2009 11:36 pm

Through a conversation with a friend and fellow fly fisherman Craig, I found out that Overstock.com carries some fly fishing things. So go and check it out they might have something that you need. I checked the site out for a minute and they have a limited selection of Flies, but the prices are great. Enjoy!!!



By , January 18, 2009 4:05 am

On my quest to catch native and/or wild trout on all of the streams in the Angeles National Forest I was led to the Arroyo Seco Canyon. It can be reached by taking the 210 freeway to Windsor/Arroyo Canyon Dr. follow the street north. There will be a parking lot on the left hand side, and the trail head will be to the right. The California Department of Fish and Game stocks here down by the first and second bridge. Though I don’t think that this Creek has gotten one stock yet this season. We did not see any fish until about 2.5 miles back and I caught a couple of Natives out of the Dam areas. In one hole I caught 3 small bows, and within 10 minuted there were people throwing rock and running into the water. Please if you hike this trail DO NOT THROW ANYTHING INTO THE WATER OR PLAY FETCH WITH YOUR DOG ON THE STREAM!!! All in all a decent sized stream and a nice little hike. The fishing is probably really good after DFG stocks the water a few times. Remember Catch and Release native and wild fish, and if you take stocked fish only take what you are going to eat. Remember to take out any trash that you bring in.


By , January 8, 2009 5:03 am

I have just purchased a new Fly Rod from Troutlet. They have an Eagle Claw Featherweight 6’6″Fly rod, and for only $16.10 plus shipping and handling. This is a great rod for a kid, beginner, or someone who wants a small inexpensive good quality rod to fish a stream with. I have read hundreds of reviews on this rod, and have heard nothing but good things. I cant wait to get out on a stream and test this thing out. SO if you have about $20 bucks pick one up its a steal.



By , January 5, 2009 4:26 am

On my latest Fly Fishing adventure I decided to go and check out Santa Anita Creek. So I got on the 210 freeway exited at Santa Anita Ave, and followed the road up to the end at Chantrey Flats. So you will end up in the parking lot and the road that you want to take down is at the south side of the parking lot. Follow the paved trail down alittle and that will take you down to first water trail. Not long after jumping on first water trail you will be at the creek. The creek will mini dams on it about every1/4 mile or less and these are the spots to fish. I fished each one on my way back to Sturtevant Falls for about5-10 minutes each and I caught 7 fish and also got a couple hits on a few Rainbows that got away. This creek is not stocked, all of the fish are Native Trout (you can tell by the beautiful coloring of the fish) so I urge you CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY! If you want more info and better directions check out the link on my main page under locations.



By , January 2, 2009 4:33 am

Don’t forget to go and pick up a fishing license for 2009. Remember the money that we pay for our licenses gets pumped back into the fish stocking programs. Thank you everyone for respecting the law and the resource and Happy New Year!!!California Department of Fish and Game

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