I finally got a chance to get out of the house and go do a little Fly Fishing today. I decide to drive up to Piru Creek at Frenchman’s Flat outside of the town of Castaic. I arrived at the creek at about 7:30a.m. It was really cold outside, The thermostat on my car said 42, and the wind was kicking up to about 20mph. I hiked along the Creek, and did not see but a couple of fish. I managed to land two small Rainbows one a hold over from the DFG Stalking and one a Native. Unfortunately because of the wind, my leg, (still a little bruised from my accident),and the tight spots that I was fishing I only barely got a picture of one as it was falling out of my hand. I would definitely recommend going here when it warms up a little, and bring waders. There is not alot of room to fish from the bank. This is not an easy access body of water like West Fork or some others, so be very careful when scaling down to the stream ( I was told that there are alot of Rattle Snakes there when it warms up). If you want info on how to get there check out my link under the locations portion of the main blog page.


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  1. Peter:

    Nice post!

  2. Mike:

    Great pictures!

  3. UrbanFlyFisher:

    Thanks for the comments guys!!!

  4. Brian J.:

    That’s a beautiful little creek that makes me want to go fishing more than you might think…

    –Brian J.

  5. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher:

    (Brian J.) Thanks for the comment. Nice Blog!

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