One of the best tips that I ever got from another Fly Fisherman, was to tie on a Double Taper fly line when fishing in the San Gabriel Mountains. I have to say that this one tip has made the most difference for me as far as casting ability, and getting to the spots where I could catch more fish. My Fly Casting has alot to be desired, and I was having some real trouble Roll Casting with my Weight Forward line out on the streams. As most Southern California Fly Fishermen know, there is not always alot of room to back cast out on the San Gabriel Waters. The First time that I put on a Double Taper fly line my roll casting was dramatically improved. So if you want to get in those tight spots to catch more fish, but your having trouble with your roll cast get a Double Taper line and help your learning curve. I recommend Scientific Anglers Air Cell DT Fly Line. It’s inexpensive, but still works great check it out at Bass Pro Shop.

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  1. Ron Walchli:

    I’ve been checking your blog for a while now, seems like everyday I learn something new. Thanks

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