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My younger brother Steven and I decided to go trail run Arroyo Seco Canyon Creek. It was a great blue bird sky day, and it did not take long for me to start bumming that I was not on the Creek to Fly Fish for some Bows. We Ran up to the Nino Campground Area and back, and we must have seen a good 50 Rainbow Trout throughout the Creek. Alot of the holes that we passed had at least 5 or so Rainbows holding in them. We also had seen alot of Bait Fisherman with a couple of fish caught each. It looks like I am going to be coming back in the next couple of weeks to hook into a couple of fish. I did however take some pics of the trail.


The Arroyo Seco Canyon tight rope squirrel

There was a bait fisherman standing over the pool by
Teddy’s Outpost with a stringer of 2 about 10″ bows.

I counted 15+ in this Hole. All about 10″-12″ Stocked bows.

Taking a quick breather.

Nice Shot of the creek just below Nino Campground.

This hole always has Wild Trout I counted 6.

3 Responses to “ARROYO SECO TRAIL RUN”

  1. Jake says:

    And you didn’t bring a fly rod!

  2. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher says:

    I know it was bugging me all week!

  3. spencer says:

    hey man, thanks for the post i rly gatta try it out! i have a couple questions, does the dfg stock were the road ends? or do i have to hike a while to get to the planting spots. also, is there a decent trail so i could mountain bike to the native pools? and last, since im too young to own a car, my grandma who is very fit for her age would be taking me, and is it difficult to get to the good spots? thanks bro, ure blog inspired me to make a trout blog of my own :)

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