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This morning I drove up to the San Gabriel Mountains to do alittle fishing on the San Gabriel River. My first stop was the East Fork. I fished there for about two hours and caught about 10-15 small Rainbow Trout in the 3-7 inch range. Most of the fish were caught on a size 16 Stimulator Fly. It was turning out to be a great trip, but I just could not leave without checking out the West Fork. I could not believe how many hits I got I must have got over 30 hits and caught about 15 more fish. Most were again in the 3-7 inch range, but I caught three that were over 10 inches a decent size for West Fork. This was the most fun that I have ever had out on the San Gabriel, and Spring has definitely arrived and the Trout know it. Please remember that if you visit the San Gabriel River do not litter, pick up any trash that you see, please don’t swim in the river, and please practice “Catch and Release”(the DFG wont be stalking the river until at least 2010, we don’t want to lose this great resource). If you want more information on the San Gabriel River check out my locations section . Here are some of the pictures from the trip!!!


5 Responses to “NOW, THIS IS TROUT FISHIN’”

  1. flynbird says:

    Nice trip out. Those are beautiful fish, Nice get-away you got there. Protect it at all costs. Later

  2. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher says:

    (flynbird)Thanks for the comment. I will!

  3. Anonymous says:

    when I fish west fork, I use adams dry flies in the morning and then start nymphing when it getts alittle warmer. best fishing is past the second bridge where it is C and R only.

  4. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher says:

    (Anonymous)Nice, I used to use Adams alot up there too. But, recently I have found that the stimulators work best for me up in the San Gabriels. Try a size 16 Stimulator with a prince nymph dropper next time your up there. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very pretty trout! I love the ones with all the dark spots. What are they and where did they come from?

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