By , March 22, 2009 6:33 am

This morning I drove up to the San Gabriel Mountains to do alittle fishing on the San Gabriel River. My first stop was the East Fork. I fished there for about two hours and caught about 10-15 small Rainbow Trout in the 3-7 inch range. Most of the fish were caught on a size 16 Stimulator Fly. It was turning out to be a great trip, but I just could not leave without checking out the West Fork. I could not believe how many hits I got I must have got over 30 hits and caught about 15 more fish. Most were again in the 3-7 inch range, but I caught three that were over 10 inches a decent size for West Fork. This was the most fun that I have ever had out on the San Gabriel, and Spring has definitely arrived and the Trout know it. Please remember that if you visit the San Gabriel River do not litter, pick up any trash that you see, please don’t swim in the river, and please practice “Catch and Release”(the DFG wont be stalking the river until at least 2010, we don’t want to lose this great resource). If you want more information on the San Gabriel River check out my locations section . Here are some of the pictures from the trip!!!



By , March 21, 2009 5:48 am

I want to give a shout out to my buddy Dan Zambrano who is the one responsible for getting me into Fly Fishing in the first place. He shares my crazy passion for Fly Fishing Urban Water, and has fished water with me that one would take the time of day to even look at. My two younger brothers Steven and Adam have dubbed him the “Fishing Guru”, and Dan and I are hoping to be coming out with a series of “Southern California Urban Fishing” guide books. So keep an eye out!

Dan chasing down fish at Alamitos Bay

Real Urban Fly Fishing at “Whitter Narrows”

Teaching Matt the basics of casting



By , March 19, 2009 4:27 am


Justin Scheck a reporter at the Wall Street Journal’s online paper published an article about “brownlining” and gives me a plug by quoting me in the article. Check it out at “On Fly Casting’s Urban Frontier, the Fish Are Big, the Water’s Dirty” .


By , March 15, 2009 5:43 am

This morning I was going to get up early in the morning, and head out to San Antonio Creek below Mount Baldy. My alarm went off, but my legs did not feel like getting up so I hit the snooze and woke up at 9:00 a.m. When I got up I decided to head over to Mile Square Park down the street from my place, and do a little Urban Trout Fishing since the DFG stocked the lake the night before. I only ended up catching one little Rainbow on a Royal Coachman Fly, but I did meet up with one of the guys who follows this blog Angel who was out fishing with his brother Chris. We talked for a little, and I then I decided to head back, it was cold and the fishing was slow. It’s so cool to be out fishing and meet you guys that are commenting on this blog, thanks for all that you guys contribute!!! Remember only take what you are going to eat throw the rest back and Please dont litter. Here are some pics that I snapped of Angel and Chris.

Angel Teaching an old Vietnamese guy how to fish.

Chris focused on catching his next Trout.

Angel with the bigger of his two Bows.


By , March 11, 2009 1:40 am


If you have not yet had a chance go down to Costa Mesa and check out His & Her Fly Fishing Shop, you are really missing out. The owners Frank & Beverly Selby are two of the nicest people that you will ever meet, and Frank is a well renowned Fly Fisherman. They offer Private and Group Fishing Lessons, Fly Tying Classes, and have great fishing events. So if your looking for a class, need to pick up some gear, or just want to chat with some great people check them out at His & Her Fly Fishing.


By , March 8, 2009 5:17 am

My younger brother Steven and I decided to go trail run Arroyo Seco Canyon Creek. It was a great blue bird sky day, and it did not take long for me to start bumming that I was not on the Creek to Fly Fish for some Bows. We Ran up to the Nino Campground Area and back, and we must have seen a good 50 Rainbow Trout throughout the Creek. Alot of the holes that we passed had at least 5 or so Rainbows holding in them. We also had seen alot of Bait Fisherman with a couple of fish caught each. It looks like I am going to be coming back in the next couple of weeks to hook into a couple of fish. I did however take some pics of the trail.


The Arroyo Seco Canyon tight rope squirrel

There was a bait fisherman standing over the pool by
Teddy’s Outpost with a stringer of 2 about 10″ bows.

I counted 15+ in this Hole. All about 10″-12″ Stocked bows.

Taking a quick breather.

Nice Shot of the creek just below Nino Campground.

This hole always has Wild Trout I counted 6.


By , March 6, 2009 4:44 am

One of the best tips that I ever got from another Fly Fisherman, was to tie on a Double Taper fly line when fishing in the San Gabriel Mountains. I have to say that this one tip has made the most difference for me as far as casting ability, and getting to the spots where I could catch more fish. My Fly Casting has alot to be desired, and I was having some real trouble Roll Casting with my Weight Forward line out on the streams. As most Southern California Fly Fishermen know, there is not always alot of room to back cast out on the San Gabriel Waters. The First time that I put on a Double Taper fly line my roll casting was dramatically improved. So if you want to get in those tight spots to catch more fish, but your having trouble with your roll cast get a Double Taper line and help your learning curve. I recommend Scientific Anglers Air Cell DT Fly Line. It’s inexpensive, but still works great check it out at Bass Pro Shop.

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