By , April 30, 2009 3:45 am

I had a chance to get in alittle Urban Carp Fishing down at the LA RIVER with my buddy Dan “The Fishing Guru”. It was absolutely the most frustrating time that I have ever had fly fishing. We had missed the perfect warm weather Fly Fishing conditions by a day, the water was as stained as I have ever seen it, and I could not land a fish. I hooked up with about 4 nice sized Carp, and could not get one single fish into a net. Two broke me off on rock piles, one rapped me around a tree, and one actually spit my fly out on a head shake (which if you have been carp fishing before you know does not ever happen). So I will definitely be heading back up there soon to get my revenge on these Carp. The highlight of this fishing experience had to be the fact that I learned to do the Fly Fisherman’s dance of irritation and frustration!!!
Could Not Land A Single FishLa River Looking Dead


By , April 21, 2009 4:27 am

The Urban Fly FisherThe Urban Fly Fisher

Brownlining adventures…mostly!


I had originally found out about The Urban Fly Fisher from Tom Chandler over at Trout Underground, and I have got to say that it is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to follow. Alistair Stewart the Genius behind this blog is straight out of Glasgow the largest city in Scotland, a city that was once one of the largest industrial cities in the world (if that’s not Urban I don’t know what is). It amazes me as I look through Alistair’s blog, and I see him catching Trout in rivers that seem to be more urban than the LA RIVER by far. This makes me wonder if that could be us here in Southern California catching trout in the SANTA ANA, LA, AND SAN GABRIEL River beds. If you want to see what Scotland has got to offer than I suggest that you drop what you are doing, and get over to this blog!!!


By , April 19, 2009 4:28 am

My buddy Dan and I set out to get alittle fishing in this morning at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. We were there fishing and exploring around for a couple hours and managed a few Bluegill. We Used 5 weight rods and reels with DT floating line. We fished a tandem rig for the flies, a small Woolley Bugger w/ a dropper Zebra Nymph. As far as I can tell it looks like the Panfish/Bass action is starting to heat up, and should continue getting better as the weather gets warmer. I have a feeling that there is going to be some really good fishing this year. Here are a few pictures of the action!

 Lil' El Dorado Gill

Get um Dan!


By , April 18, 2009 5:05 am

Recently I was sent a few great photos from one of our blog followers Dave Gollihugh. After seeing these photos, I am struggling to figure out if Dave is a better Fly Fisherman or a Photographer. Keep up the great work Dave, and if any of you guys out there want to send me photos to post on blog I would be more than willing!



By , April 3, 2009 6:40 am

 If you want to see what a real “Brownlining Blog” is supposed to look like, then you have got to check out Roughfisher Fly Fishing. The mastermind behind this website is Jean-Paul Lipton out of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. From what I can tell, if you you are going to be fly fishing in Minnesota you better look this guy up. He offers great advise, great fly patterns, and even has a guiding service and online store. So go ahead check it out, and trust me you won’t be disappointed!




By , April 1, 2009 5:38 am

I had alittle time before the sun went down today after I got off of work to go and try my hand at a couple of Sunfish. I drove up to Ralph B. Clark Regional Park from my office in Cypress, and got out the 9′ 3 weight with 5x tippet. I used the dry dropper system, a Mini Popper as the dry and a Prince Nymph as the dropper fly. I fished the section of the lake where there is a lily pad pond, and pulled out 5 Sunfish in about 30 minutes. Right when I was leaving the Bass had started to come out, I had hooked a nice one but it broke water and spit my fly almost as soon as I hooked it. I cant wait for the warm weather to start holding, once these cold fronts stop the fishing should really heat up.

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