I had alittle time before the sun went down today after I got off of work to go and try my hand at a couple of Sunfish. I drove up to Ralph B. Clark Regional Park from my office in Cypress, and got out the 9′ 3 weight with 5x tippet. I used the dry dropper system, a Mini Popper as the dry and a Prince Nymph as the dropper fly. I fished the section of the lake where there is a lily pad pond, and pulled out 5 Sunfish in about 30 minutes. Right when I was leaving the Bass had started to come out, I had hooked a nice one but it broke water and spit my fly almost as soon as I hooked it. I cant wait for the warm weather to start holding, once these cold fronts stop the fishing should really heat up.

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  1. Ian Smith:

    Love to fish at this Park. Great spot for Panfish.

  2. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher:

    (Ian) Thanks for the comment. It is a really good spot, one of the few places to fish Lily Pads at a Park Lake in Southern California!

  3. Josh:

    Going to check this spot out tomorrow at lunch. Looking forward to some fun!

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Nice. Good Luck!!!

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