By , April 18, 2009 5:05 am

Recently I was sent a few great photos from one of our blog followers Dave Gollihugh. After seeing these photos, I am struggling to figure out if Dave is a better Fly Fisherman or a Photographer. Keep up the great work Dave, and if any of you guys out there want to send me photos to post on blog I would be more than willing!



  1. spencer says:

    hey man, i have friday off from school, i was wondering what the best creek would be on friday? which would u recommend at this time? san gabriel, arroyo secco, or santa anita? plz respond before friday! spencer

  2. Henry says:

    This beautiful little stream was messed up from the last big fires. There’s a lot of sediment and junk that has covered up some good fishing spots. Last time I went, i entered from JPL and noted that the trail was blocked off with a lot of landslide dirt. I don’t know how it looks up by Gould mesa campground but a mountain biker told me that it was all silty. The place needs another real good flushing with a couple weeks worth of rain.

  3. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    I know it really sucks. But, that is the way things go. If we take care of the resource, it will come back with time.

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