Fly RigWe went scouting around Clark Regional park up off of Beach and Rosecrans for a couple of hours on Sunday. Caught a couple of tiny little Bluegill, and it looks that the Bass should start spawning soon. Most of the Park Lakes have started to or have turned over, and the waters starting to get warm. I’m started to see alot more Bass, Carp, and Sunfish and the Catfish plants have already started. This means that Warmwater fishing should be in full force soon, and I am itching get a big fish on a fly. This little trip out was fun even though the couple of Bluegill that we caught were small, until I realized that I locked my keys in the car. Amazingly though Dan “The Fishing Guru’s” key to his Rav also opens the locks on my Tacoma. Here are some of the pictures that we took.

Sean Fishing at Ralph Clark Dan Fishing at Ralph Clark




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  1. Jeff:

    Hay I was down there last week and it was the sme, but there is alot in the water just waiting to go off. Good pic’s and that was crazy about the keys, kind of scary.


  2. SoCalUrbanFlyFisher:

    (Jeff) Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you out there sometime bro!

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