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The Geese chased all of the fish out of our spotI had a chance on Saturday to go down to the LA River with one of our blog followers Haro Gharbigi. We got there at about 8:00 a.m. fished a couple of holes and managed one small Carp. It was alittle hard to hook into a couple of fish, because there were a ton of volunteers from FOLAR walking the bank and getting into the water to pickup trash (which is great, but bad that we happened to try and fish that day). So after an hour or two we decided to head out and check out one of the spots that Haro fishes regularly. It was a nice little water reservoir, with just about the clearest water that I have ever seen. Unfortunately we had mostly Carp fly gear with us, but we did manage a couple little Bass and Bluegill. Thanks for showing me the spot Haro!


Haro's SpotHaro talking to the volunteers

5 Responses to “HARO’S SECRET SPOT”

  1. Brian J. says:

    that actually looks like a super fun spot to fish!

  2. Haro Gharbigi (REALTOR) says:

    Yea it’s real fun I go a couple of times a week atleast this past few months.

  3. Tom says:

    Nice blog,
    What flies do you usually get your carp on? What techniques do you use?

  4. ngt says:

    haro i am intrested in fishing your secret spot. i have secrets spots to trade in return and will respect your spot.

  5. ngt says:

    by the way my email is ntheofanos@yahoo.com

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