I have not really had alot of time to go fishing lately, so I have been hitting up the local Park Lakes with the small amount of time that I have to fish.  I have been taking two rods with me a 5 weight for the bass and a 3 weight for the Panfish. The Bass action hasn’t been as good as I have hoped, but I can’t keep the Panfish off the line. The other day I went over to Mile Square Park Lake for maybe about 30 minutes to an hour and I must have pulled out at least 50 small Panfish. They’re not big, but a fish is a fish and they scrap hard for their size!!!


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  1. Dan:

    Did you actually catch some of those on the surface with drys?

  2. Sean Fenner:

    Yep, they will hit drys all day, but they come up so reckless that they usually miss. So I use the dropper about 6-12 inches off the dry and they will hit the nymph first. You should go out and try it some time, it is a fun way to catch a ton of fish if you only have a little bit of time!

  3. Dan:

    I was talking to someone about your site and mile square park, he told me that there is actually a rule at mile square against fly casting? Do you know anything about this?

  4. Sean Fenner:

    I don’t know anything about a rule against fly casting. I have talked to many of the park rangers and people from the California Department of Fish and Game and have never been told anything. I have however been told by park tangers at other parks to be aware of people behind me while casting (which is a no brainer). Thanks for the comment and Tight Lines!!!

  5. Wes:

    When do they start stocking trout and what days of the week/month do they stock?

  6. Lara Ordones:

    What a great site and informative posts

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