This was a drastic change from my usual fishing meal of beef jerky and canteen water eaten while on the move… and I kind of liked it.

I experienced (or rather re-experienced) how much better cheese and crackers taste when you scribe a happy face in the cheese and I remembered how much fun it is to pull Oreos apart before eating them.

And for the first time in a long time I smiled at just being out on the water. Not about the trophy fish I just hooked, or the new, secret spot I just discovered or the way my cast laid out in a perfect loop or the path my fly took as it rode the current – I smiled because I was having fun with someone who thinks fishing is mostly about doing cool stuff outside with someone you want to be with.

We watched the dragonflies zip around just above the surface and we laughed as they hovered in front of us, eyeing our bait as we got ready to cast it out.

We kept this up until close to dinnertime and then just as I had given the “ten more minutes” call, she saw him — cruising about a yard from the bank, a twelve to fifteen-inch Largemouth Bass – the “Monster Fish”.

Much to my delight, my god-daughter, uncoached by me, made a perfect cast in front of the Bass, using the Barbie pole.

Now, I would like to say that the Bass hit the bait and we landed it for a grand photo-op that would provide Christmas portraits for the grandparents, but it was not to be.

Instead, the fish rushed the perfectly presented offering, bumped it and then swam off.

You’ve heard of the expression, “jaw-dropping”? Well, it’s true. I saw a seven-year old do it, though I did not expect it to be followed by a squeal of delight.

So, although we did not bag the “monster fish”, we did stand and stare him in the eye… and he blinked first.

And as I drove home, with a certain someone chatting happily and animatedly in the back seat, I felt completely refreshed. 

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  1. deanS:

    Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder.
    -Eberhard Arnold

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