Because it is a practical book, should you decide to invest in “Fishing for Buffalo”, you might want to consider two copies, one for the library and one for the field. I’ve found that such an arrangement goes far in the domestic tranquility department, if you catch my drift…something about fish scales clashing with the throw pillows and the smell of Carp not conducive to making visitors want to linger over coffee…

In any event, it is obvious that “Fishing for Buffalo” is a labor of love. I would recommend it and the attitude of shear exuberance that fairly seeps from the pages to anyone who loves fishing and wants to learn more about catching new or forgotten species.

Rough fish – they may not be pretty but they sure are fun!

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  1. the roughfisher:

    what a great book. Check out the interview I did with Tom Dickson earlier this summer:

  2. dan Z:

    Agreed. Hope it finds its way into the hands of many anglers. BTW, great interview on

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