Director Jamie Howard brings bass fishing to the big screen for the first time with Bass: The Movie – a road trip through California in search of fishing secrets and a world record. The self proclaimed Bass Happening will feature the film as its axis and include boats, gear, fishing pros, speakers and prize drawings. In a state known for many things but bass fishing, this unusual journey within a few miles of the Pacific Ocean, pits fly rod fisherman and conventional rod fisherman on the same boat to share approaches and cultures side by side. On the conventional rod side, the film begins with interviews with ESPN Bass Elite Series pros including, Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, and Kelly Jordon. Then follows (by air, 20 land and sea) California Delta legend and guide Bobby Barrack, California fly rod pro and Delta guide Kevin Doran, world-record holder Raymond Easley, fly rod world-record holder Larry Kurosaki, bass pro and guide Marc Mitrany, and fly rod pro John Sherman. Sherman, an accomplished angler, whose caught trophy fish all over the world, was still new to the bass world. So he sets off to visit all these men, in search of bass secrets and a trophy bass.

The film’s initial revelation is that the state of California is a haven for the world’s biggest bass with numerous fisheries unlike any other: The endless maze and tidal waters of the California Delta’s levee system, contrast with the clear waters of southern California reservoirs. Another revelation is the backdrop of the Delta is listed by American Rivers as #1 on their list of 2009’s most endangered rivers in North America. Note: A portion of all proceeds will go to

Modern bass fishing has grown into a multi-billion20dollar sport since it’s simple roots, and the chase for George Perry’s 75 year-old record has helped stoke that fire. A record anyone with a fishing rod is eligible to match. California is considered one of the most likely places to find it. Though the record has been challenged several times in the years since Perry’s catch, it has remained the benchmark. It is one of the longest standing records in the sport of fishing. The film is not solely concerned with besting it, but rather exploring the ways the men who have made this bass their life go about their hunt, by fly rod or by conventional – in search of the big one. The movie will be released to public on 2-disc DVD set (includes legend Bill Dance retrospective interview) October 31, 2009.

Additional Information:

In 2009, ESPN Outdoors previewed Bass: The Movie with a weekly series of 2 . minute shorts on the project to expose viewers a new world of bass fishing in California through a cinematic perspective. It was one of the most-viewed projects by HowardFilms to date. The full-length film is not owned by ESPN.

Jamie Howard has won numerous awards for his films, including Chasing Silver (chasing tarpon in the Florida Keys) and In Search of a Rising Tide (bonefishing in the Bahamas) and helped promote the genre of the fishing film. Howard is a graduate of The University of Virginia, and worked in advertising as a writer and commercial director in New York City and Los Angeles.



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