East Fork Flowing Good I have had few moments in the time that I have been Fly Fishing where it seems like everything just comes together perfectly. I am notorious for losing a fly in a tree, breaking off a fish, or even snapping the photo on my camera just as the fish decides to make a last ditch effort to get away. Having said that my last trip up to the San Gabriel Mountains was just the opposite. My knots held up fine, none of the fish broke off, and I don’t think that I have been much closer to an honest sense of peace in my life. When you go up to the San Gabriel and you catch about 30 fish within a matter of a couple hours, let me tell you things are just going your way. I could barely even move, the fish were stacked up in holes, and they were almost all willing to bite. In my mind this had a lot to do with the recent rain, most likely stacking the fish and making easy pickings for my fly. I remember hearing a joke one time that they should rename fishing “tricking and killing”, well I can go for the “tricking” part but I rarely do any killing (especially not for Trout) except for the rare occasion at a water source over populated with a few tasty bluegills. Remember all forks of the San Gabriel River are no longer being stocked, so if you decide to fish up there make sure it’s catch and release only. I have no problem kicking over a Bait Fisherman’s holding bucket if he is taking wild fish. Let’s respect this beautiful resource so that we can all fish it for a long time to come!!!

Beautiful ColorsOkay Size for the Lower East Fork

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