Interestingly, the old and mostly forgotten adage mentioned above popped into my head as I found myself assessing my own acquired bad habits while trying to verbalize what I had learned and knew to be correct.

I found myself once again becoming the student as well as the instructor – which is probably a good thing.

I ’m not sure if I converted Ray to the “Way of the Fly”, but I think he was excited to have gained some insight into this method of going after fish.

He asked multiple times if he could accompany Sean and me next time we hit the L.A. River so I’m guessing that he wasn’t completely turned off or maybe he just needs a picture of a massive Carp to complete his picture album

Whatever the case, it was an enlightening morning for both of us and it was one of those mornings that makes Urban Fly Fishing such a blast.

I love this addiction called urban flyfishin’!

What A Day

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  1. anonymous:

    you guys gonna start doin leasons?

  2. Sean Fenner:

    I don’t know about lessons, but we are hoping to have a guiding service up and running soon.

  3. Trudi Janacek:

    Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating!

  4. Corliss Ors:

    Great read. Thanks for the info!

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