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I received this email from a regular follower of our site Jeffry Lizar, and I wanted to pass it on to you guys!


Thanks again for the information and keeping up such a great website.  I thought I would give you some feedback on our weekend fishing endeavors.  My brother and I set out to try our hand at mountain fly fishing for the first time.  It was an adventure to say the least.  We were discouraged by the weather on Saturday but were resolved to get in some fishing wherever we were able to find a place.  We met up at about 6am Sunday morning on Azusa Blvd. before we head up the mountain.  Shortly after, we were met with CHP and CA Dept of Transportation telling us that most of the mountain passes were closed due to mud slides.  Since we were resolved to do some mountain fishing we tried Rancho Cucamonga (don’t remember the river) and were met again with a road closure.  We head over to Lytle Creek and found some pretty cold temps but running water.  The flow was extremely fast and we could barely find more than muddy white water.  The couple of pools we found around the water department dams were mostly muck with zero visibility.  We of course got in some casting practice at these spots for kicks.  All in all, Lytle Creek was a bust.  After an hour or two of that we head over to the North side of Silverwood Lake.  I had on one of my maps that there was fishing on the West Fork of the Mohave River just to the north of the lake.  All we could find was an Owens River-like stream running through private land.  We jumped over a few unmarked fences to get close to the water but neither of us was much interested in fishing on private land so we left.
After taking the back road through Hesperia (don’t ask) we made our way back to the 138/5 intersection.  Just as we were about to give up on the day, I checked the CADOT road closure report on my phone and found that the 39 was back open.  So…we headed back to West Fork and arrived at about 3pm.  There were a couple of dozen people there, most notably four or five youngsters singing and playing guitar on the rocks by the river.  I’m sure the fish were enjoying themselves!  We walked up an eighth of a mile or so (at this point we wanted to fish more than hike) and found a couple of interesting looking pools. Not much action there.  As it started to get dark with a few more rain drops, we started walking back to the car.  As we walked past the area where the troubadours were playing, we realized it was a promising spot to fish.  It was getting dark but we could still see enough to tie on a tippet and fly (we used various nymphs).  About ten feet from the side was pretty active with small sized trout.  In the 20 minutes we spent there I failed to pull in three smallish fish (I used barbless for the first time with much too large gear 9’ – five weight).  My brother had about the same amount of action but pulled in a five inch bow which he promptly returned to its habitat.  So there you have it.         
West Fork is a beautiful place and we will certainly return.  We can see why it would be beneficial to hike in a bit to get away from the crowd.   

-Jeffrey Lizar


I you have any stories or photos that you would like to share with us, please send them in we would love to hear about them and maybe even post them on the site. Thanks to all our readers out there for your continued support!


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    Always love to hear stories about diehard fishermen.

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