By , December 27, 2009 8:05 pm

There are many great things about not having to work on Christmas Eve, one is that I can go fishing in the morning and another is that a lot of people are working or at home with family. That means that every year on Christmas Eve morning I am out on the water all by my lonesome.

I had to decide where I was going to fish and I have been long overdue for a hike up into Santa Anita Creek to get in a little Wild Rainbow Trout Action. I was amazed when I got the the Chantry Flats parking lot and it was almost empty, when it is normally busting at the seems with people looking to take a nice stroll amongst the beauty of the canyon.

The hike and the fishing was great.  I managed a few small native fish after just a few hours time and the weather was crisp, cool, and refreshing. I was amazed to see how many trees had been uprooted though by our recent rainstorm, after such a dry season the last couple of years and then the sudden rain the roots must not have had a very strong hold.

Can’t wait for my next trip up there, I am such a sucker for the beautiful waterfall dams that line the hike about every 1/4 of a mile. If you decide to do any kind of fishing up in Santa Anita Creek, please remember to practice “Catch and Release Only”. The creek is small, has not been stocked in a long time, and cannot spare even one fish to power bait and treble hooks!!!


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