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It seems that I have come across a hidden talent for deciding to go fishing on days when I shouldn’t. This Saturday was the third or fourth time now in the last 6 months that I have decided to go fishing on a day when an organization is holding a function at that very same spot. It was apperantly a California wide beach clean up day that if you signed up for you got free tickets for a day to Disneyland (according to a 4 or 5 year old little girl with a gleam in her eye while picking up all kinds of trash along the beach).

I arrived at one of my spots near Seal Beach to wet a line in the salt and try my hand in the surf and along the jetty. I decided to go so that I could get some time in before this huge storm came our way, and for about 30 minutes it was nice and calm.

Then the people came in droves, within about one hour there were about 150 people walking along the beach eagerly grabbing anything that they could find (most of which actually was not trash it was seaweed among other things). Now don’t get me wrong I think that it’s great to have people out cleaning the beaches instead of destroying them, as I normally see people doing. Though it does seem a little strange to do something for the good of our environment, just because you are getting Disneyland tickets for the effort (but that is besides the point).

Unfortunately with all the people I didn’t feel comfortable casting, especially when a group of little ones gather directly behind you saying “mommy what is that man doing”. So now I can chalk down a Beach Cleanup, a Meditation Class, Boat Races, The LA River Clean Up, among other things as events that have competed my day of fishing. Man do I know how to pick them!!!

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  1. Fish Stalker says:

    Good Read! Funny Post.

  2. Steven says:

    Wow. Look nice down there I am gonna have to check it out.

  3. Taylor Pniewski says:

    This post makes a lot of sense !

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