The other day I just needed to get in some time on the water, and the closest Park Lake had to do. I hopped in the truck and there I was in less than 10 minutes with Fly Rod in hand and a readiness to fish.

Sometimes fishing doesn’t go the way you want it to and the catching becomes more like searching and coming up empty. So after a while and only 2 fish caught I decided to take a few pictures of the beautiful sunset.

I hear from so many people things like “Why would you want to fish at a Park Lake?” or “You Fly Fish around the corner from your house, that can’t be very pretty?”

Well take a look at these pictures and tell me that a Park Lake can’t be as beautiful as a stream in the hills of Montana. Beauty is in the perspective and my mine says that fishing in the city holds a mystique all it’s own. Try it sometime and see if it doesn’t get into your blood.

Since I started “Brownlining“, I don’t remember looking at a body of water without thinking “I know I could pull a fish out of there“.


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