That last thing, the no fishing sign bugged me. I don’t know why it is there. Believe me, there are far worse spots that ought to be off limits but where we regularly “fling some string”. This section of the Santa Ana appears to be a picture perfect place to practice a little urban fly fishing – not picture perfect as in those stunning shots you see in magazines — get real, this is SoCal: A major freeway runs parallel just yards from it and concrete and chain link line the banks. I mean picture perfect in the sense that it has many, if not most, of the elements that make it the kind of place where fish are found and where anglers want to fish but it is closed.

It seems like a waste of good water to not be able to fish that section of river.

…Predictably, the flashing lights edged over to the right shoulder and traffic began inching then lurching then speeding forward. The cause for the delay this time, turned out to be a solo spin-out who, despite the scattered bits of plastic fender still littering the roadway appeared to be shaken but healthy.

Through careful and judicious use of lane changes, speed limits and knowledge that the CHP officer on duty was parked a few miles back lecturing a twenty-something about driving and cell phone use, we were not late to our next appointment.

In fact, I arrived somewhat refreshed, having taken a little three-minute mental fly-fishing vacation on the way to our destination.

I am going to have to do a little investigative snooping though – I’ll keep you posted.

I love the addiction called urban fly-fishin’.

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  1. Rene':

    Hey Dan, enjoyed this read as much as all the other. the mental fishing break was great.

  2. Dan Z:

    Thanks. Always trying to keep it interesting

  3. Sam:

    I really hate seeing signs like that. I don’t understand why they hate fishermen so much…I’ve thrown a line in the river north of the area you are talking about, and it can be lots of fun.
    California has a problem with over regulation..if they can’t have someone watching you fish, they’ll throw up a ‘no fishing sign’.
    I love the state, hate the stupid legal mindset here

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Yeah, you hit the nail right on the head!

  5. Jon:

    I live in the Inland Empire and used to commute to Santa Ana via Metrolink and ride my bike home on the SA river trail. I was suprised and stoked when I saw many large carp in the river while I rode home through Samta Ana Canyon. I’ve always wanted to fish that stretch of the river. Never saw the No Fishing sign from the trail. One of these days, I’ll have to plan a ninja fishing expedition.

  6. Sean Fenner:


    Nice. Get out there and do some Urban Fly Venturing and let us know it goes. Tight Lines.

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