Saturday started out as a beautiful day. I woke up early in the morning to head up to the San Gabriel River, the birds were singing and the coffee was calling my name.

The Reservoir was filling up the OHV area and will be fishable soon, and the water levels were running fast and high. I hit the corner to the entrance of West Fork and utter shock came over me, I knew since we had all of the recent rain the fork would be a little blow out but this was insane.

The water was running Dark Brown with sediment and all of the stream lining shrubbery was wiped out. I made my way back to were Bear creek dumps in and the difference in water color was shocking, it was like photos from National Geographic of the Amazon River trying to force it’s way into the ocean. I am extremely worried about how many fish will survive, and how many if any fish spawning will produce this year.

I had to get my mind of this, so I strolled over to the East Fork to fish one of my favorite holes and breathed a sign of relief when I seen the water running high and clear. What a load off my mind, a large amount of sediment run off on both major forks would be devastating to the Wild Rainbow Population.

East Fork yielded a few tiny fish and a couple of half hearted looks from some larger ones. Water Flows were high and the fish tend not to bite as well when you can’t get your fly to stay in the strike zone very long.

“I want to urge anyone that goes fishing on the San Gabriel River to practice catch and Release Only. The river is already not being stocked, so the fish you are catching are all wild and a decrease in the number of fish this year seem to be inevitable. So please do not take any of the fish on any of the forks, or in a few years there might not be any fish left!”

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