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  1. Larry Carroll:

    I share your concern about the West Fork. I don’t know where all the silt is coming from, the tributaries (like Bear Creek) all seem to be clear. Could it be from Cogswell somehow?

  2. Steven:


  3. spencer:

    ergg that looks scary for the future. this is really starting to bug me tho, trabuco creek still hasnt been on the stocking list so far this season.. do u thing its muddy and full of silk like the pics of the west fork? i really hope they stock it this year…

  4. mars:

    im not a fly guy but thanks for the updates on the west fork.its a nice place to fish 2lb ,the pool before bear crk ,where they used to stok, is called plumbers bend.its named after local 78 guys from L.A.,UNOFFICIALLY

  5. V Plus:

    thank you for this.. by the way, your website layout is really nice.

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