I was urged to watch this movie by my Uncle and a fellow fishermen who is a  life long ocean conservationist. I was asked not to mention names in this post, but you know who you are and thank you both for opening up my eyes to this travesty that is taking place.

The Cove is a film about a handful of activists included the infamous Flipper trainer Ric O’Barry, trying to open the world’s eyes to a massive Dolphin killing fest that goes on every year in Taiji, Japan.

As Fishermen I believe hat we have an obligation to protect and fight for the waters that we fish, and what body of water is more important than the ocean. This ecosystem is the livelihood of our planet, and we must make sure that it is not taken for granted.

So please go to The Cove website and rent, buy, watch clips of the movie, and then sign up to help this cause. Not only will you be saving the live of countless Dolphins and Whales, but also of the many people that suffer from Mercury poisoning from consuming these creatures.

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