Seeing Carp in a Feeding Frenzy for the first time, was like witnessing the 8th wonder of the world. It’s amazing to see fish jumping out the the water thrashing about, tails up and their mouths in the dirt.

Last Saturday I just so happened to witness this very event, and to make things even better I had my fly rod in my hand.

The morning started out foggy and cold, and the weather had me thinking that a skunk was lurking right around the corner. Little did I know that I would have one of the best fishing experiences of my life.

I drove up to the water, and I could not believe my eyes. Splashing, Tailing, Bubbling, Carp everywhere my hands were shaking on the stearing wheel. I jumped out of the car almost forgetting to put in park, and pulled out the 8 weight.

First cast and boom a 8 to 10 pounder nails the fly and my drag goes screaming off the reel. After about 5 minutes the fish tired out and 1 carp in the net. Cast number 2, and the same result Carp on, could this really be happening! All in all I caught 8 Carp and had more bites than I could count, and this all happened within an hour.

As quick as the action was on it turned off, and I decided to call it a day. I just couldn’t let it be ruined if I was not able to hook another fish. So, I pack up the rod and reel, jumped in the truck and rode off into the sunset. Well, not into the sunset more like to McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin.

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  1. eric feldkamp:

    That sounds awesome! I’ve yet to catch a carp and can’t wait for it to happen. Nice job.

  2. Carpin It:

    A little Urban GG on the fly. Nice!

  3. Sean Fenner:

    Thanks Guys!

  4. Kha:

    I want to start fly fishing for carp exclusively and have no idea where to begin. From the looks of it, an 8wt seems to be the go to rod for you. Any tips on gear to get started? There were a couple Albright fly rods that I was looking at that looked good and could double as a saltwater fly rod as well. I am not looking to spend a whole lot.. maybe about 300 dollars total for a good dependable set up that I can chase carp with in the urban setting. This would be my first fly rod as well so there is that.. Thanks

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