Sometimes in Fly Fishing you just get flat out get lucky. A few days ago was one of those days, and man was I lucky. I got to La Mirada Park Lake and the Rainbows were rising all over the place. What happens is the DFG stocks the lake and the Trout stay schooled up for about the first day.

But this was different. I have seen a few Trout stocked in Urban Lakes rising, but these Bows were going nuts. I tied on a Stimulator hands shaking with probably the worst knot I have ever tied, wanting nothing more at that moment then to get a fly in the water.

First Cast the Stimulator hit the water and a 1 1/2 pound fish hit the surface like it was the only food  he had ever seen. The pounce was so reckless, the fly didn’t even get in it’s mouth. At this point my knees were shaking and I swung out a roll cast to the same spot and same result only with a fish on the other end of the line. It fought really good for a hatchery raised trout (especially since the recent stockings have producing really weak fish).

As the sun set I realized that I had been there for about 2 hours and I had caught over 20 fish. Like I said there are just some day where you get flat out lucky. I sat down on the bench on the other side of the park and watched as the sun set on one of the most amazing Trout days I have ever had, and it wasn’t on a Lake, River, or Stream it was at an Urban Park about 10 minutes from my house.

“Now That’s Urban Fly Fishing”

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