Oh my, and rise it did! With a giant plash a huge Wild Bow came ripping out of the water and the fight was on. I was using my little Eagle Claw 3 Weight which feels more like a 0 weight and this fish was testing it hard. Just when I though I had it landed the fish, back into the current it went. When it was all over the fish was about 14-15 inches and the girth on it made it the biggest Wild Rainbow Trout I had ever caught on the San Gabriel River!

So don’t ever quit this beautiful sport, because “You never know when that skunk will turn into one amazing fish”!

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  1. Chris:

    Nice fish!!!! Too bad the day had to end!! Glad to know that the West Fork is open again!!! Will have to head up real soon!!
    Tight Lines!!

  2. Josh:

    What and amazing day you had. Sometimes things work out that way.

    You mentioned an Eagle Claw outfit, what reel did you end up using? I like the rod, but I can’t find something cheap to add to it.


  3. Josh:

    Sorry about the double post, when I went to the comments from home it didn’t show my comments :(

    I’m a big fan of the blog and have been following for a while, hope you don’t take offense! Keep up the great work!

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Thanks for the comments Josh. We value for input!

  5. Chad:

    Thanks for your great SG river posts! This one encouraged me to explore the river a little more. After a few days of bushwhacking, slipping all over the place, and repeatedly popping my bike’s tires on thorns, I’ve found some stretches that produced multiple solid 10″-12″ wild bows! Not quite as big as your monster above though… I’m still searching for that!

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