Sometimes all the mind needs to “find a little bit of clarity”, is Fly Fishing for Trout. Just You vs. the Trout. You armed with a pattern matching every bug ever seen on the West Coast and the Trout with an amazing set of eyes. Your disadvantages are the snag lined banks and being a lefty (if you’re me). The trout, it’s hunger and the split second it has to filter your fly.

Last Saturday I woke up excited to get in the car and head up to Mount Baldy for a little Trout fishing on San Antonio Creek. It was my first time fishing there (believe it or not), and I’m always excited about what new water might have to offer. I arrived energized and ready to tackle each hole from the falls all the way to the town. Bluejays were singing and I had a good feeling!

After casting into 5 holes on different sections (and not one fish), my enthusiasm turned to frustration. I was just about ready to leave for my favorite spot on the San Gabriel River. I made up my mind however, that I would try a little tributary I had heard good things about, before I called it a day. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. First hole, first cast, and I was into a nice little Brown Trout. Then two more casts and two more fish from the same hole. I hiked a total of about 1 mile up the tributary and landed about 30 brownies along the way.

After stepping into what I thought was Poison Oak (and it turned out it was), I decided to call it a morning and head back home to my beautiful wife. As I was packing everything up, two guys stopped me and asked if I was fishing. I with Fly Rod in hand replied yes (with a little sarcasm in my voice)! Then one of the guys ignoring my tone, proceeded to tell me about a spot that they had seen with 4 or 5 pools holding a ton of fish. I replied “Thanks for the info” and proceeded to pack up my gear, and I was sceptical due to my earlier encounter on the main stream.

Down the road a ways I viewed the spot the two hikers told me about, and talked myself into taking a look. Pulled the rod and reel out, and hit the pools. Each of the pools provided about 5 Rainbow Trout,  and again I was glad that I went with my instinct and gave it a shot.

After all my motto is “If there’s water, there must be fish in it!”

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